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Hong Curley

Hong Curley

@ Brisbane Quantum Healing Center

Australia’s leading practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Spiritual Psychology.

  • My Specialties

    Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Spiritual Psychology, DNA Profiling

  • Natural Therapies & Modalities I Use:

    Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Spiritual Psychology, DNA Profiling

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Who is Hong Curley?

Hong Curley has achieved unparalleled clinical success as one of Australia’s leading practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Spiritual Psychology. Hong earned her expert status from conducting over 38,000 face-to-face consultations in her multi-discipline healing center. The success of her business gave her the revenue to build a multi-million dollar investment portfolio and allowed her to retire at the age of 45. Hong is now an international best- selling author and a sort after business success coach.

Hong believes a true healer is an alchemist who helps to transform people’s pain into extraordinary power to heal. A true healer is a miracle worker, she motivates, inspires, empowers people not by what she preaches, but by how she lives. She must be the source of people’s light.

Hong also believes that the greatest truth of life can only be discovered by our conscious inner work. The healing of our heart and the awakening of our soul hold the key to our liberation, freedom and evolution. 

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Hong Curley's Testimonials

Hong, your remarkable book <Freedom to Love> is filled with gems of therapeutic insight on how to unlock stuck patterns within your subconscious so that you can break free into the radiance of your empowerment. The moment you start reading will be the moment you begin to shift. Hong is truly one of the most powerful healers I have experienced. She is the embodiment of a gracious goddess and a peaceful warrior. Freedom to Love is a must-read.

Dr Deanna Minic, phd, Health Expert, Author of Quantum Supplements

Hong is a new and powerful voice that needs to be heard by the world. <Freedom to Love> is one of the most insightful books I have read since Conversations With God. A powerful guide to extraordinary living.

– Dr Raymond Lee, Neurosurgeon

Dear Hong, I have spent most of this week reading your manuscript<Freedom to Love>. Your powerful words have moved and shaken my heart and soul. Your work should be embraced as a teaching manual for all the psychologists, counsellors and healers alike. I have concluded your practise success formula: To treat a disease, you must heal the person; To heal the person, you must heal the heart. Then the nutritional medicine and herbs you use on patients can create remarkable results. This is a great formula, no wonder you have cured so many people.

I must tell you that you are a master story teller. Your story has moved me into tears many times. These stories undoubtedly have the most powerful healing effect to cure diseases and transform lives.
I have written a review for your book as follows, I have written it in Chinese because it is closer to my heart.

– Wu Guo Zen, Author of A New Annotated English Version of  The Analects of Confucius

Dear Hong, I have finished reading your book <Freedom to Love>! There was almost not a moment when my eyes were dry. Freedom to Love has touched my heart and soul in ways I can’t even describe. Just unexplainable tears… tears of joy, connectedness and peace. It was crazy and amazing.
Freedom to Love was exactly what I needed. Reading just one story in your book empowered me so much spiritually, that I was able to talk to a friend with depression without absorbing his pain myself.

I used to be dragged down by depressed people and so I avoided them. After reading your book, I was empowered with so much wisdom that I now have the power to inspire my depressed friends instead of being dragged down by them.

In the past, whenever a friend spoke to me about deep psychological problems, I just automatically wanted to say that they should speak to you, only because I know how much you have helped me change my life and awaken me. The seeds you planted in me are sprouting and I need to keep nurturing them with my inner work.
Thank you so much Hong for your eternal support and love. I am not really sure if I would’ve had the strength to push on without your help. It does sadden me that most people do not have the same vision as you but I know that one day, they will see the light and that they will become a light of their own.

And you are right, <Freedom to Love> really does contain all the tools one needs. Freedom to Love contains all the spiritual principles. Even A New Earth and The Power of Now pales in comparison to your book. In a way you have ‘dumb downed’ the spiritual principles by writing about everyday situations and problems and applied these wisdoms to cure physical, mental and emotional problems. You are the greatest facilitator.
So much Love to you Hong…

– Jennifer Vu, Macquarie University

Dearest Hong!! Thank you for bringing this magic into my life!!! From the very first page I was hooked!!! It has made me cry, laugh, cry and cry some more!!! The amount of liberating experiences you have encountered is mind blowing!!! Some of the lessons I knew but somehow couldn’t manifest! After reading your words it all made sense and my heart filled with LOVE & now I feel ALIVE & ready to live the life I desire!!! I love you! Thank you.

– Lisa Schulz, Fitness Instructor

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