Kaivalya – Meditation Sheet


Kaivalya is an energized meditation sheet.
A whole new mediation experience with the infusion of the energies of the beloved Indian Kriya Yoga Masters.



Kaivalya (Indian Sanskrit: Emancipation through Oneness with God)

The Kaivalya Meditation sheet is a unique product of OEA’s.

Infused with the energies of the beloved Indian Kriya Yoga Masters Mahavatar BabajiSwami Sri Yukteswar GiriParamahamsa Hariharananda and Paramahansa Yogananda enabling the Kaivalya Meditation Sheet to produce a beautiful, warm and serene sensation.

The energetic feeling one experiences while using the Kaivalya in meditation is that of a divine sense of bliss, and may be helpful for those people who wish for a deeper meditation.

Kiavalya - Meditation Sheet in boxKaivalya is made from Pulse Charmeuse Satin and is 1900mm x 1400mm in size, making it perfect for sitting on, lying on, or draping over a chair and under your feet.

Available in two colors:  Orange and Purple, and comes gift boxed.

OEA’s Orgone Bamboo Rejuvenation Blanket provides the perfect complement to your meditation experience for added warmth while meditating.

Kaivalya makes the perfect gift for a friend with the mindset of Dharma.  Or should you be in the mindset of Dharma, the Kaivalya would make the perfect gift for you!