Brahmi Tone 60 tablets


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Clinical Benefits
  • Increases in brain dopamine, serotonin and GABA levels from consumption of green tea, high in L-theanine, have been observed in animal studies.4 They have also shown an association between oxidative stress and impairments in cognition, learning and memory.5 The antioxidant, green tea, may help defend against free radical damage.6
  • BacoMind® Brahmi has been clinically trialled in adults over 55 (Figure One7) and in teenagers up to the age of 18.8 Bacosides from brahmi also display antioxidant activity in the brain and have been shown to improve cognitive function and memory in animal studies.9 According to an in vitro study, these cognitive effects of brahmi may be related to its modulatory effects on the cholinergic system including acetylcholine release, choline acetylase activity, and muscarinic cholinergic receptor binding.10

Figure One: BacoMind® May Improve Memory Recall in Adults.

Morgan A, Stevens J. Does Bacopa monnieri improve memory performance in older persons? Results of a randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind trial.J Altern Complement Med, 2010; 16(7):753-9.