Gyno Clear 90 capsules


Painful and heavy menstruation: Gyno Clear is based on a Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine formula used to relieve pain and heavy menstruation by reducing pelvic congestion.3 The warming properties of cinnamon help to relieve menstrual pain by invigorating and moving stagnated blood in the abdominal and uterus.4,5 Red sage also assists in the management of painful menstruation via the regulation of blood circulation. This reduces the stagnation of blood that may be associated with heavy, congested and painful periods.7
Menstrual cycle and function: The decongesting action on the uterus may also help to support the healthy functioning of the female menstrual cycle.6 Various menstrual problems influenced by blood stagnation such as irregular menstruation and amenorrhea may be helped by increased blood circulation.7

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