Laxatone 30 capsules


Herbal Bowel Support.

Size: 30 VegeCaps (8 or 30 days supply)

  • Digestive Health
  • Vegan
  • Free from Soy protein
  • Free from Nuts and Seeds
  • Lactose free
  • Gluten free
  • Dairy protein free

The ingredients in Laxatone have been traditionally used to:

  • Assist in the relief and treatment of constipation.1
  • Relieve flatulence and intestinal spasm.2
  • Tiered dose for acute and chronic conditions.


Clinical Benefits
  • Assist in the relief and treatment of constipation: Frangula purshiana is traditionally used in Western herbal medicine to treat constipation and regulate bowel movements.1 At a lower dose of 1 capsule a day, Frangula purshiana helps to regulate bowel movements via stimulation of peristalsis and increasing fluid secretion.3 At a higher dose of 4 capsules a day, components in the herb activate the underlying smooth muscle cells of the large intestine, triggering muscular contractions to relieve constipation.4 Rheum officinale is also traditionally used to aid the relief of constipation via an increase in bile flow.5
  • Flatulence and intestinal spasm: Laxatone contains carminative herbs; Cinnamomum cassia and Zingiber officinale to assist in the management of non-specific dyspepsia and reduce intestinal spasm that may occur with laxative herbs.6,7 Zingiber officinale has been shown in an animal study to directly inhibit smooth muscle activity, reducing intestinal spasms.8