MetaZinc 60 Tablets


High Strength, Bioavailable Zinc Tablets.

Size: 60 tablets (60 days)

  • Immune
  • Men’s Health
  • Minor Wound Healing
  • Dairy Protein
  • Free from Soy protein
  • Gluten free
  • Lactose free
  • Vegan
  • Free from Nuts and Seeds

Ingredients in MetaZinc have been shown to or may:

  • Support healthy immune system function.1
  • Assist in the management of mild acne at acute dose and minor wound healing.2,3
  • Support healthy sperm function.4
  • Contains easily absorbed, low nausea, Meta Zn® with manganese and activated B6.
  • High strength tablet with a break bar to allow for flexible dosing.


Clinical Benefits
  • Supports healthy immune function. Zinc deficiency can affect the healthy functioning of cells necessary for normal immune function, particularly the T lymphocytes which require zinc for numerous processes5. This can lead to reduced antibody production and compromised cellular function of the innate immune system, including alteration of natural killer cell activity, phagocytosis and the generation of oxidative burst6. These alterations are considered to be important contributors to increased susceptibility to infections.7
  • Adequate zinc status is essential for optimising male reproductive health. Zinc is required to support testosterone production and spermatogenesis8. Oxidative stress may cause structural damage to sperm DNA, reduced sperm motility and defective sperm membrane integrity9. The antioxidant action of zinc, due to its membrane stabilising activity, may inhibit lipid peroxidation of sperm and prevent against free radical damage10.
  • Wound healing and skin integrity: Zinc and manganese both play crucial roles in wound healing and connective tissue repair due to collagen synthesis11. Key mechanisms of zinc in acne management include anti-inflammatory effect on granulocytes, regulation of androgen metabolism and retinol-binding protein synthesis12.
  • Zinc bisglycinate has been shown to have superior absorption compared to other forms of zinc13: Zinc bisglycinate is absorbed intact and not ionised like other forms of zinc, resulting in less side effects such as nausea, commonly experienced with zinc supplementation14.