NeuroLift 60 tablets


Clinical Benefits
Hypericum is an extensively researched herb with many major clinical studies and meta – analysis supporting its use to support healthy mood. It is combined with SAMe, a major methyl donor and an important compound in catecholamine synthesis.4 Folinic acid is also a methyl donor and a metabolically active form of folate. Folinic acid bypasses several steps in the conversion of folic acid to 5-MTHF and has a longer half-life in the body.5
Rhodiola and withania are adaptogenic herbs which may enhance the body’s ability to cope with stress. Rhodiola has been clinically trialled in male students with stress-induced physical and mental performance.6 Results revealed significant improvements in both physical health and mental fatigue in just 20 days.7
Thyroid hormone synthesis is supported by the inclusion of iodine and selenium. These combine with coleus to assist normal healthy thyroid function.

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