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ABOUT: – Lama Tendar

Tendar was born in the Kham district, Eastern Tibet. He became a monk at the age of twelve at Dego Somdupling Monastery in the Mahayana tradition. In Lhasa Tendar studied at Gyuto Ramoche Monastery for seven years, learning the ancient art of Tibetan tantric chanting, prayer and meditation. Tendar later attended the Tenzin Gang Gyuto monastery and studied at the Gyuto Tantric University for a further 14 years. Here he qualified as a teacher of sacred Buddhist art.

In 2000 Tendar commenced traveling to various European countries as Chant Master with the Gyuto monks. Tendar came to Australia for the first time in 2001, traveling extensively with the Gyuto monks, chanting, making sand mandalas, butter sculptures and teaching deep meditation.

Returning to Australia in 2003, Tendar now resides in Melbourne, teaching meditation, Tibetan language, sacred art and chant. Tendar became an Australian citizen in June 2005.

Tendar travels across Australia to teach meditation at various centres and retreats, performing blessings, sacred rituals and Buddhist ceremonies and also participating in community cultural programs.

What are the benefits of Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Bath Healing & Deep Meditation?

Here is a Singing Bowl and Deep Meditation Sound Bath Healing with Lama Tendar, who is an accomplished Tibetan Buddhist Healer. Lama Tendar will teach the practical use of the Tibetan singing bowls to:

  • Reduce stress

  • Balance chakras

  • Energy transmissions

  • Harmonic mantras chanting

  • Clear and purify the mind, body & space

Lama Tendar will guide participants into deep meditation using Tibetan Chanting; singing bowls and gongs as a way to bring vibrational healing.

If you have a bowl please bring it along. Loan bowls will also be available on the day.

All funds raised go to support the Tibetan Children’s Fund.

Lama Tendar Supports 130 children in Kham Tibet where they now receive regular meals and a Tibetan education.

Your support and contribution is received with grateful thanks.

FEE: Was $90
NOW: $29 for Quantum Healing Center’s clients.

PLEASE RSVP: (07) 3061 7710 or email us at:

Dalai Lama_and_Tendar_Quantum Healing Center Australia


In western culture, teaching and healing are often seen as two distinct applications of knowledge, whereas in Buddhist practice such distinctions dissolve. The mind is itself the source of much sorrow and illness which can be healed when we learn to apply the Buddha’s compassion to others and to ourselves.

Tendar has helped many people. Tendar sees helping and healing the community as a substantial part of his teaching. He will help anyone who asks!

Rather than attempt to further describe what Tendar does, below are some words of thanks from people who have benefited from Tendar’s assistance.

I attended the Chenrezig retreat held at Iluka in March (2006). This was my first residential retreat and my experience of the weekend was immense. I was very fortunate to be able to attend a week long (daily) retreat with my Yoga teacher prior to the weekend and I feel that this helped me prepare for the intensity and strength of Tendar’s retreat.

Tendar’s presence, knowledge and teaching is something that no words can give justice to and it seems futile to try and describe. Suffice to say that the safe haven he created allowed me and others to look at ourselves honestly with openness and compassion. This at times was incredibly painful and confronting however, with the compassion of Chenrezig with me I felt able to undertake this examination.

I made valuable connections with a number of people attending the retreat and I intend to nurture these friendships with love and compassion. How privileged I feel to have been a part of this weekend and even though I live quite some distance away, I have deep respect and feelings for the sense of community created.

Much Metta – Sue  (NSW)

Hello Tendar, I just wanted to thank you again for a most profound healing experience with you at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in Melbourne this weekend. Your energies were that of such love and beauty I was literally brought to tears. You are a blessing to humanity and have blessed my life in a way that I will never forget. My blessings and prayers go to you and the wonderful work that you do.

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.

– Andrea 20/11/2011

I would like to thank Venerable Lobsang Tendar, For healing me. I felt the benefits straight away. Thank you very much. May all beings everywhere be liberated from suffering.

– Delores 08/05/2009

I would like to express my sincere thanks to Tendar whom I met in “Living Now” Exhibition April 2006. He gave me the healing which has made me feel better in just one day by now. When I came to him, I had been unable to sleep for weeks and my chest was very heavy. After the healing yesterday, I had a great sleep this morning and the depression has been reduced a lot. It is so real that I can feel it in every hour. My mind is better. My heart is at peace. I was unable to forget my sadness before, but today when I went out, I felt fresh and motivated a lot. Please send him my sincere thanks and I will visit the place in the near future.

– Tran  (Vic)

Tendar works from the Heart in all he speaks, his actions, teaching from the mind and spiritually towards all he meets. I have been honoured to have gentle healing and feel blessed to have been offered such a treasure. What a gift we all have in having this man in our presence in Australia. To learn so many healing tools from this gifted person will flow through all who have encountered being with this sacred spirit.

Thankyou and Blessings to you Tendar from my heart to your heart, sincerely Judith  (Vic)


Event Hours(1)

  • Monday

    06:45 pm - 09:00 pm

    14th March 2016 Lama Tendar