{ Message from the director }

My dearest friends and clients,

On behalf of all my brilliant practitioners and wonderful staffs, I welcome you with open arms.

If you are visiting this website, I trust you share the common vision that each one of us has the ability to transform pain and suffering into power and freedom to create greater health and happiness.

The ability to transcend this vision into your reality is at the heart of Quantum Healing Center.

You will be gifted with the wisdom that elevates and enhances your healing ability. I promise you an unforgettable journey.

To truly heal your life, you must go into the gut of your pain and release it. This undertaking is not devoid of challenges. My promise to you is that we will journey beside you and endow you with knowledge to navigate and conquer these trials.

Together, with an elite group of hand-selected master healers, your healing journey will enrich your understanding of what it takes to be a powerful creator. We recognize the immense value in putting power back into your own hands. We aim to develop intelligent network with you and together, we can create transformation that will not only transcend your own life, but the lives of many generations to come.

Yours in extraordinary health and happiness
Clinic Director
Vivian Tong

{ About the Director }

About Vivian

Vivian TongI am a dynamic, forward thinking, spiritually orientated and ambitious woman. For 6 years, I worked in multi media cooperations as an art director and a project manager, leading a team of graphic artists on web development, software engineering and application development. My clients include Donald Trump, The Voice, Governor of NSW, Nestle, Cue, La Prairie ….

My career was on fire, and then something happened that changed my life forever. I went into a relationship that broke my heart. I called off the wedding, broke my spine, disowned by my family and I dropped down to the deepest and darkest part of myself…

Then an amazing opportunity showed up.  I was asked to design a book “ Freedom to Love” by Hong Curley. From the wisdom demonstrated in this spiritual volume, I learnt that the only way to create an extraordinary life is through cultivating spiritual and emotional intelligence. The vast wisdom in this book opened my eyes for a higher reality which gave me the directions, the tools and the processes to forgive the people who broke my heart, in fact, thanked them for being a catalyst of my inner growth.

I turned from a victim to a creator in quantum speed.

During the process, I seek the help of higher guidance. My higher guidance led me to completed some trainings and now practice as Master Reiki Practitioner, Genome/DNA/Stem Cell Healing Practitioner, Kinesiologist, Access Consciousness Practitioner, NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and Timeline Therapist etc.(Click here to find out more about Vivian as practitioner) Since then, I have developed this passion of wanting to reach out to the people who suffer, but don’t know what to do to transform the suffering.

It is in finding my inner freedom through my growing pain; I connect to my higher calling. This higher calling dramatically changes the direction of my career. I have been an artist all my life, I have made beautiful things out of strings, colours, and graphics, but that no longer satisfy my desire to grow spiritually. I felt pot bound. To grow exponentially, I must work with people. I want to use my talent to make people shine.

Hence, Quantum Healing Center is born. I am creating this place out of pure love, pure joy and pure spirit and passion. I invited those therapists who widely recognised as an expert in their field; who resonate with my principles; who synchronise with my spiritual value; who are the true givers, to join my team of holistic healing specialists.

Quantum Healing Center is formed by me, but it is not just about me and my team. Hence, is not just about you either. It is about US as a whole. Alone, we can do very little, but together we can conquer the world.

If you’re still reading this post, do you mind if I ask you a few questions?

Are you holding a negative belief about yourself? Do you feel it is time to let it go and create a better version of yourself? Do you feel stuck in your relationship or work? Do you think it is time to make some positive changes? Will your life change if you turn from a hopeless victim to a powerful creator? How much better will your life be if you just change one thing? Are you searching for a higher purpose rather than settling for the regular routine of life? Do you feel that you are meant to be doing something bigger and better than what you are doing right now?

My passion is to make you shine, to make your life a masterpiece and I know you will give me the opportunity to bring out your best, to connect and become who you really are – a kind, loving, compassionate, godly spiritual being who is here to fulfil a higher purpose of creating a better version of yourself. To enjoy what you really deserve – a great, healthy life that is full of love, peace, happiness,fulfillments and success of your wish.

This is my talent. I am an artist and now me and my wonderful team are ready to help you create the best version of who you can be. What do you say?

Vivian speaking on the seminar

Vivian speaking on the seminar “Tomorrow’s Medicine, Today”

DNA/ Stem Cell Healing Course

DNA/ Stem Cell Healing Course

Vivian and Hong Curley - Author of

Vivian with Hong Curley – Author of “Freedom to Love

Lama Tendar with Vivian at Quantum Healing Centre Brisbane

Lama Tendar with Vivian Tong at Quantum Healing Centre Brisbane

Vivian Tong with With Lord Mayor Graham Quirk.

Vivian Tong with With Lord Mayor Graham Quirk