Why hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

How Does Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Work?

Sports Injury, Recovery and Endurance


Natural Healing

Mr. Oxygen: “99% of Disease Can’t Live in Active Oxygen”

Chronic Conditions

Testimonial – Paediatrician Dr Antony Underwood B BSc FRACP

Post Surgery Recovery

Testimonial – Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr George Marcells MBBS FRACS

Sports Injury

Testimonial – International Fitness Presenter and personal trainer Pete Manual

Quantum Healing Center - Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

Why do we need oxygen?

OxygenOxygen is a vital part of our lives and is used for all of the body’s essential functions. For example, the brain which is only two per cent of our total weight, uses more than 20% of the body’s oxygen. Only 10% of our energy comes from our food and water, while the remaining 90% comes from oxygen.

Bacteria, toxins, viruses and parasites cannot survive in an oxygen-rich environment.

If the body’s intake of oxygen is insufficient, for whatever reason, then the body will be thrown out of balance. In today’s world, the most important factor that causes diminished oxygen intake is pollution. Cooked, processed and canned food also tends to be lower in oxygen content, as are foods that are higher in fat.

Why would I need oxygen therapy?

Because oxygen deficiency is often overlooked, it’s not seen as being a cause for symptoms or diseases. Symptoms that may result from an imbalanced oxygen flow include:

  • premature ageing
  • depression
  • anger
  • fatigue
  • dullness and a general feeling of sluggishness.

If the imbalance is chronic, the immune system is weakened and we are left more susceptible to germs and viruses and therefore, diseases.

What is the benefit of increased oxygen levels in the body?

There are several benefits to mild hyperbaric oxygen, including:

  • Provides the fuel needed by the brain to function properly
  • Helps the body to fight off infection by boosting the immune system
  • Assists in post operative healing and sporting injury recovery
  • Aids in the treatment of chronic disease and maximizes the benefits of other modalities
  • Promotes accelerated and enhanced wound healing
  • Decreases post-operative inflammation and infection and encourages normal healing processes
  • Is an adjunctive therapy in sports medicine to accelerate recovery for athletes.
  • improves strength, energy and endurance
  • relieves tension and stress
  • improves concentration and memory
  • Detoxifies the blood
  • promotes healing and counters ageing
  • strengthens heart and lungs
  • natural remedy for headaches and migraines
  • improves metabolism and aids digestion
  • reduces fatigue and improves sleeping patterns
  • relieves muscle stiffness
  • improves skin conditions

Quantum Healing Center - Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

Every body needs more oxygen

Mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy raises the levels of oxygen in the body’s blood plasma. Increased oxygen in the plasma leads to higher amounts of oxygen being delivered to the body’s tissues, organs and brain. The brain – which is only two percent of our total weight – uses more than twenty percent of the body’s oxygen. Only ten percent of our energy comes from the food we eat, while the remaining ninety percent comes from oxygen.

Under pressure, additional oxygen is dissolved into the blood plasma and enters the tissues directly.

Mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy promotes relaxation, stimulates the body’s healing processes, increases stamina and endurance and also helps the body to return to a state of balance and wellbeing.

For the more technically minded: Gas under pressure diffuses into a liquid. When the body is subjected to increased pressure, the fluids, tissues and cells are able to absorb much more oxygen than we would normally breathe in. (For the really technical stuff Google Henry’s law.)

How Does Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Work?

Blood is made up of three main components; white blood cells that fight infection, red blood cells that carry oxygen and plasma, the fluid that carries both kinds of cells throughout the body. Under normal circumstances, the red cells carry the majority of oxygen while the plasma carries about 3% of oxygen. Since mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy forces oxygen into the body fluids under pressure, more oxygen is dissolved into the plasma greatly increasing the oxygen levels. The fluids then carry the extra oxygen throughout the body to enhance the body’s natural healing process.

How much more oxygen will be available as a result of hyperbaric therapy?

We actually only use between 4 and 6% of the oxygen we breathe. During treatment around 24 – 30% oxygen is available to us. In effect, under pressure the body can absorb almost ten times more oxygen than normal.

Quantum Healing Center - Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

Chamber Features

With a HypO2 portable mild hyperbaric chamber, oxygen therapy is safe, simple and convenient.

Unique features of the HypO2 Hyperbaric Chamber:

  • Soundly constructed robust chamber with simple double zipper and silicone seal – no external pressure straps
  • All seams high frequency welded – no toxic glues or tapes
  • Contoured fit, comfortable, easy clean antifungal mattress
  • Strong external stainless steel frame for easy entry and exit
  • Seven large view specially moulded polymer windows with perspex lens
  • Internal and external medical grade alloy pressure release valves and fittings, food grade tubing
  • Quiet, clean operation – powerful, quiet, oil-free compressor – airflow 200 litres per minute
  • Oxygen concentrator with alarm – oxygen concentration levels can be varied from 1 to 10 litres per minute, depending on recommended protocols.
  • Safe for every body – from children to the elderly.
  • Roomy interior – plenty of space for an adult and child, or two children.

The Treatment

Treatment takes place inside a specially designed inflatable chamber that uses filtered ambient (atmospheric) air with additional oxygen from an oxygen concentrator to deliver oxygen to the body safely. The chamber inflates quickly and there is enough room to recline or to lie down comfortably. After inflation, the chamber will pressurise – a feeling similar to descending in an aircraft. Once at full pressure, you just breathe normally.

Sessions usually last an hour, however you can use the chamber for much longer without any adverse effects. After each session you can carry on with your day as normal – there are no restrictions.

Our spacious comfortable chambers and the high level of oxygen promote a deep sense of relaxation. Your heart rate and blood pressure will settle as the pressure increases. One hour in this oxygen rich environment is equivalent to four hours of quality sleep.

Whilst in the chamber, you can listen to your favourite music, meditate, read a book, use your mobile phone or laptop or simply relax…and breathe in the benefits.

Is Mild Hyperbaric Therapy Safe?

Yes, it is safe for every body – from the very young to the elderly. There have been no known side effects reported for Mild Hyperbaric Therapy

Are there any side effects?

Not at all, it is completely comfortable and safe. Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy has many healing and therapeutic benefits. The chamber can be utilised without the danger of oxygen toxicity. And as it is completely safe, can be combined with most other therapies without the side effects associated with some treatments.

However, you may need to equalise the pressure in your ears. Rapid changes in air pressure is equalised across the eardrum by a normally functioning Eustachian tube. A healthy tube opens frequently and widely enough to equalise these changes. As the chamber pressurises, the air pressure increases and the change pushes the eardrum inward (retraction) which is what causes the sensation of “ears popping”. This is normal and can be alleviated by yawning, chewing gum or holding the nose and blowing.

If you experience any pain, this could be a sign that you may have blocked Eustachian tubes (a symptom of a cold or perhaps a previously undetected condition) and pressurisation should be slowed or stopped immediately.

How will I feel during and after the treatment?

Generally, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a relaxing experience – in fact most people drift off to sleep. Your body will be detoxing and this is normal. However, some people may experience minor symptoms associated with detoxing after the treatment.

Following your first few sessions, you may experience fatigue as the body sweeps itself clear of toxic debris that has built up in the body. This is safe and normal during the healing process.

Alternatively, you may feel more alert, awake and energised with no detox symptoms – it will depend on your own body.

What does it feel like in the chamber?

You may feel a change of pressure in your ears, similar to the sensation of descending in an aircraft or diving deep in a pool. During treatment you may feel slightly warm whilst the chamber is pressuring, comfortable when the chamber is at pressure and slightly cool as it depressurises.Your heart rate and blood pressure will settle as the pressure increases helping you to relax.

How long is a session?

Sessions usually last an hour, however you can use the chamber for much longer without any adverse effects. After each session you can carry on with your day as normal – there are no restrictions.

What should I wear?

You will be fully clothed during treatment and it is important that you relax, so wear something loose and comfortable.

Will I feel restricted in the chamber?

Not at all. Our state of the art chambers are spacious and comfortable and provide healing oxygen therapy in the most comfortable environment possible. The increased level of oxygen promotes a deep sense of relaxation. One hour in this oxygen rich environment is equivalent to four hours of quality sleep.

What can I use in the chamber?

Whilst in the chamber, you can listen to your favourite music, meditate, read a book, use your mobile phone or laptop or simply relax…and breathe in the benefits. If you are sharing the chamber with your child, you can read a book together, play a game or watch a DVD – kids just love it!

How many sessions will I need?

It is difficult to know how many sessions will be needed to heal an injury or manage an illness as this may depend on the extent of the injury or the time a chronic disease has been present. Daily sessions will enable the body to gain a threefold increase in the rate of healing. Your therapist will discuss your lifestyle and health goals before any treatment is commenced.

After treatment, occasional oxygen therapy treatments are recommended to ensure that oxygen levels remain optimum.

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Quantum Healing Center - Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

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Wound Healing

Quantum Healing Center - Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

Natural Healing

Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Improves Healing and Function

Increased oxygen levels in the blood plasma gives the body tissues the ability to become more concentrated with oxygen creating a more effective environment to support normal healing and cell function.

In addition to helping patients heal post surgery and athletes recover from injuries and fatigue, Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy can provide effective treatment for some medical conditions. It helps to reduce hypoxic areas (insufficient oxygen for function) of the body to improve metabolic function of cells, support and strengthen immune response and enhance normal healing processes.

Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy has many benefits

A course of therapy can::

  • improve strength, energy and endurance
  • relieve tension and stress
  • improve concentration and memory
  • detoxify the blood
  • promote healing and counter ageing
  • strengthen heart and lungs
  • provide a natural remedy for headaches and migraines
  • improve metabolism and aid digestion
  • reduce fatigue and improve sleeping patterns
  • relieve muscle stiffness
  • improve skin conditions
  • strengthen the immune system for a general sense of wellbeing

Our state-of-the-art hyperbaric chambers are spacious and provide healing oxygen therapy in the most comfortable environment possible. Our chambers are spacious enough to accommodate an adult and child or two children. You can read to your child, play a game, or watch a DVD during the treatment – kids just love it.

More oxygen returns you to a state of balance and wellbeing

Quantum Healing Center - Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

Chronic Conditions

Who needs Hyperbaric Therapy and what can be treated with it?

Thousands of people have had dramatic and, in many instances, life changing improvements in their conditions as a result of mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Reasons to use hyperbaric chambers vary. People suffering from chronic and/or debilitating diseases such as::

  • ADHD
  • Autism
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Dementia
  • Stroke
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Lyme Disease
  • Parkinsons
  • Fibromyalgia
  • MS
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Diabetic and ischemic wounds
  • Allergies
  • Gut issues
  • Sleep problems
  • Stress
  • Migraines

as well as many others have experienced benefits in utilising hyperbaric therapy. Currently there are over 80 conditions successfully treated with this therapy world-wide.

Functional and cognitive abilities can respond positively to treatment. Saturating the body with oxygen can boost the immune system, increase brain and neural function, and help cells and tissues heal and perform effectively. Because oxygen deficiency is often overlooked it is not seen as being a cause of chronic illness. Some symptoms that may result from oxygen depletion include: premature ageing, depression, fatigue, dullness and a general feeling of sluggishness. If the imbalance is chronic, the immune system is weakened and we are more susceptible to long term chronic illnesses. For more information on how Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy can make a difference for a specific condition, see the links in our Education Centre.

Quantum Healing Center - Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

Post Surgery Recovery – Why will I need Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

Oxygen is carried to the cells where it is the vital ingredient in the healing process. This treatment can decrease the amount of scar tissue, bruising and swelling visible after surgery and decreases post-operative inflammation and infection. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy before and after surgery helps to heal wounds and accelerates recovery.

How many treatments will I need?

Treatment protocol is dependant on individual cases and histories. Most treatment requires an initial concentration period and then further assessment and prescription relevant to the initial response to Hyperbaric Therapy and other modalities.

What are the benefits?

Often a patient’s main concern is getting back to work quickly. Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy will assist in post surgical recovery and healing by decreasing swelling and bruising associated with surgery.

More and more health professionals are now recommending mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy to help patients make a more rapid recovery after surgery.

Recover faster . . .

Quantum Healing Center - Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

Sports Injury, Recovery and Endurance

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy boosts immune response and enhances performance levels.
As we all know training is tough on the body, if you want to succeed you have to push yourself. But your body also needs time to recover.

Oxygen therapy helps your body to recover faster by reducing inflammation and accelerating muscle repair. So you can push yourself further than you thought possible with more rigorous training schedules and better results.

Have you ever wondered why a muscle tear (strain) heals quicker than a ligament tear (sprain)? The answer… Oxygen! Muscles have an abundant supply of oxygen providing them with the necessary energy needed for increased protein synthesis during tissue repair and regeneration. Ligaments and tendons on the other hand, do not. So, the question remains how do we get more oxygen to the tissues? The answer is simple…Pressure!

Athletes report lower levels of lactic acid build up with hyperbaric therapy, greater endurance and less muscle fatigue. The pressurised environment of the chamber assists with sports injuries due to swelling, dehydration and ischemia. Higher concentrations of oxygen in the blood at the cellular level allows healing to occur at a much faster rate.

The elevated oxygen levels alows athletes to increase performance and recover more rapidly.

More oxygen fuels your body to keep you on track . . .

Quantum Healing Center - Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

Every chamber is hand-made with pride and passion to the most exacting standards using only the highest quality materials.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber - Brisbane Quantum Healing Specialist Center

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber – Brisbane Quantum Healing Specialist Center

Your comfort and safety is paramount

Your safety is our greatest concern; we have never had an adverse incident reported with the use of our product, and we aim to keep it that way. That’s why every component is specially selected or purpose engineered for our chambers.

The materials used to construct the HypO2 800 Series Hyperbaric Chamber have been carefully chosen to ensure they are of the highest quality; strong architectural structured fabric, aluminium alloy valves and fittings, stainless steel frame and food grade seals, tubing and connectors.

Chamber Construction

The chambers are manufactured using Thermal Fusion Fabric Welding. There are two types: radio frequency and hot air welding and both forms are used in the process.


The bladder material has been especially chosen for its unique properties to eliminate stretching and shrinkage and for its long term stability to ensure the fabric will withstand the rigours it will be subjected to day after day without deterioration. The fabric, woven from high tenacity polyester is anti-wick treated. The flexible coating is protected using a unique surface finish that resists dirt adhesion and protects against environmental pollutants.

Specially designed and engineered components

All of the fittings have been designed especially for our chamber to do the job required. In particular the Manual Pressure Release Valves and the Constant Pressure Release Valves, two of the most critical components, were designed and manufactured in Australia after close collaboration with a first class design and engineering firm. These fittings are calibrated and certified by our quality supplier prior to use.

For added safety the chamber is fitted with two Constant Pressure Release Valves, one of which is a redundant backup.


The moulded curved polymer three part window system with Perspex lens has been specially developed to ensure that the windows do not crack or warp under pressure. They have been extensively pressure tested.

Each window is secured with 8 stainless steel bolts, nuts and washers that are recessed into the window frame creating a smooth aesthetic finish.

Zipper Assembly

We have chosen to use only the very best German engineered coil zipper system, and this coupled with a double food grade silicone seal ensures the integrity of the dual zipper system. The zipper opening is ideally positioned to facilitate ease of entry.

Pressure Gauge

The analogue pressure gauge, supplied by WIKA who are recognised internationally for their precision engineering, is calibration checked to provide users with the confidence that the pressure is accurate.


The contoured fit comfort mattress is made from high quality marine grade vinyl covering medium density Dunlop foam that has been treated with Ultra-fresh® antimicrobial protection providing effective control of the growth of micro-organisms including bacteria, mould, mildew and fungi promoting a lasting hygienic freshness. The mattress cover is removable and washable for easy cleaning.


The polished stainless steel frame is designed with an easy “click together” assembly that assists with easy entry and exit.


The chamber comes complete with a 38 page Operating and Reference Manual, and every chamber is labeled with user and safety instructions in accordance with the latest international standards.

Peripheral Equipment

A specially designed baffled heat exchange unit has been incorporated between the compressor and the chamber to assist in cooling the slightly raised temperature of the compressed air before it reaches the chamber.

All tubing is high pressure food grade.

The world class “silent” AIRMAC 200 lpm oil-less compressor is used worldwide in dental surgery settings and guarantees consistent performance. This product has been tested to CE standard.

If the use of an oxygen concentrator is required, Hyperbarics International sells and recommends the industry leading Air Sep Intensity 10 oxygen concentrator. Depending on the regulations in your region, a physicians prescription and specific protocols may be required.

Safety Features

  • RF welded seams – no toxic glues or tapes
  • Seams tensile strength tested for safety – fewer seams than other chambers
  • Windows extensively pressure tested and bolted (not glued) through the double reinforced fabric
  • Chamber proof pressure tested to 6psi (50% higher than operational pressure)
  • Two constant pressure release valves provided – one is a redundant backup for added safety
  • Double food grade silicone seal in the zipper assembly for added pressure integrity
  • Flow through ventilation at the top of the chamber to eliminate carbon dioxide build up
  • Comfortable, easy clean contoured fit comfort mattress with Dunlop Ultra-freshTM antimicrobial protection providing effective control of the growth of micro-organisms including bacteria, mould, mildew and fungi.
Included extras imagesSuper quiet oil-less compressor
200 LPM – with easy clean filters
Included extras imagesSpecially designed baffled heat
unit with quick connect
fittings and moisture release plug.
Unit hooks neatly on rear frame.
Included extras imagesRemote wireless power switch and
socket for ease of operation

Breathe in the Benefits