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Brisbane Quantum Healing Center is a collaboration of authentic healing specialists, dedicated to integrate the highest level of holistic healing modalities for your body, mind, heart and soul as whole. We create extraordinary healing experience to help you transcend your pain into power, suffering into freedom. 

It is our mission to serve, inspire, motivate, empower and partner with you, your families and community on the path to wellness, transformation and wholeness.

With cutting edge technologies that’s rarely seen in Australia and 3 centuries combined experience, we have stood the test of time. We want to assure you that we will be here support you for many decades to come. The foundation of this clinic has been built on trust — the most valuable quality in human relationship. Please allow us to express our gratitude to you for placing your trust on us. This trust and our professional knowledge and experience will ensure our success in helping you achieve your goal of optimal health and wellbeing. 

We must clearly address that it is a great honor to be given such a responsible task to take care of your health—your life’s most valuable asset.

What is life without health? Think about it! What is the point of becoming wealthy, famous and successful in any way if you are not even well enough to experience the joy of it? Health is the very vehicle you use to achieve your goal, fulfill your dreams. Without it, what is possible?

When you are healthy and happy, you smell the roses. You are in love with life and life is in love with you. The road rises up to meet you and the wind pushes you on your back. Everything goes your way. When you are unhealthy and unhappy, everything seems to go against you. Life becomes too hard. You focus on negativity, make wrong decisions and struggle every day just to survive.

1 in 3 Australian men is dying of heart attack every day and they are at their prime age of 55-65 when they are just about to retire and enjoy their lives a bit. 1 in 3 men is also diagnosed with bowel cancer. 1 in 3 women is diagnosed with breast cancer and 1 in 2 has some forms of major surgery. Osteoporosis, diabetes, asthma, frequent infection, infertility, obesity are just some of the diseases that many people are living with everyday.

This is very scary, folks. How can people ignore their health to such an extend? How can they allow their health to deteriorate to such a dis-ease state? How can some people choose to trade their lives in for external achievements? How can they get so sick and even die at a young age even though they KNOW “Prevention of disease” is possible and effective with natural medicine and it is the ONLY WAY to stay healthy. Why do people choose to take pain killing drugs and live a dysfunctional life instead of seeking the cause of their disease, cure it and be free from it for the rest of their lives, even though they understand that the chemical drugs not only can’t cure the disease but also cause live and kidney damage and poisons the body?

Health should be the very thing that matters to us the most in this life time. You can choose whatever way you want to live your life, but you only live once, once only. Wouldn’t you like to have vibrant health, peaceful mind and a grateful heart that is full of love and joy in this life time? Who wants to live in a state of illness, turmoil and a heart that is deficient and exhausted?

We want to take this opportunity to congratulate you for making this appointment to see one of our well-known practitioners. You have taken the most positive and important step in regaining your health. You have made a conscious choice to be well again. We welcome you to join us on this incredible journey of wholistic healing and empowerment. 

Your wellness will not only enhance your own life, but also enhance the lives of those around you. Your positive energy, vitality and happy state will uplift their spirit and inspire them. Go ahead and be the inspiration.

We are very excited about seeing you in the clinic. Here are some handy things to know.

Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment to settle in, fill in some forms and have something to drink.

Clinic location: 

The clinic is located at 272 Rode Road, Wavell Heights. It is among the shops at the intersection of Rode and Pfingst Road, next to the Aquarian.


Street parking is permitted at all time except between 4pm –  6pm. There are 4 parking spots available in the clinic’s car park if you can not find any street parking spot. You need to drive down the clinic driveway.


We do encourage you to come in 10 minutes prior to your initial appointment to settle in, fill in some forms and have something to drink. We will make every possible effort to ensure that you will be seen on time. However, some delay of your appointment can occur due to unseen circumstances such as emergency treatments our practitioners have to attend to without appointment schedule. If this happens, we encourage you to relax, read some of the very important books that our library supplies in regards to detox, emotional healing, relationships, or just simply listening to motivational CDs while having a cup of tea. If you happen to have another appointment to go or have to be somewhere else at a certain time and you are getting anxious, please let us know immediately. We will accommodate your need in the best way possible. 

Your practitioners: >>Please click here for further information on each practitioner<<

Team work spirit: 

We don’t have so called Boss or Managers in this clinic. Every one of us is the boss and the manager, and the staff, and the assistance to each other and to you. We are here to support and love each other and to support and love you. We are all part of the big force, the big movement of making our lives better and happier, making our world a better place for each other and our children. Every one of our practitioners will be your coach at some point in time. We have the in house referral system. This means that you will be treated by the practitioner who has the most experience in your particular complaint so you will get the best result in the shortest period of time. We have regular meetings to discuss your treatment strategy and wellness plan to best suit your need. Some people don’t like the idea of being referred to other practitioners rather than the one they have seen. Please let us know openly if you are in this category. We will respect you. However, please keep in mind that every one of our practitioner has his or her own expertise in certain areas. Also, some focus more on a big picture, on a master plan, some focus on attention to details, some are excellent with body work, some are experts in energy healing and acupuncture. When you are getting attention and input from multiple practitioners who all work towards the common goal of getting you better, you are getting incredible benefit from the team effort. The effort put into you by a team is far valuable than the effort by one person.

Cancellation policy: 

Our practitioners are quite busy. Some people are waiting for 6 weeks to get in for a consultation. Once you make the appointment, please stick to it to avoid the disappointment of not being able to make another one for 6 weeks. Health or sickness waits for no one. One more day living with health and happiness is much better than one more day living with illness and unhappiness. If for whatever reason, you can’t make the appointment, please make every effort to let us know as soon as possible so we can allocate the time for people who have been on waiting list. We are not going to charge you for the cancellation fee like lots of other clinics are doing. We don’t believe in that type of business relationship. We believe in you, in your kindness, your integrity and your responsibility as an honorable member of our community. As we say, we are here for the goodness, the happiness of your lives. But you are the one who has to make the choice to be good and happy.


We accept all forms of payments including cash, cheque, credit cards and efpots. Please be aware that we do not give accounts under any circumstances. We are practitioners who would like to put all of our attention into helping you achieve your goal of optimal health. We do not want to waste energy on chasing after accounts and ruin our relationship. We are a very small business; we hold very high level of stocks to ensure the availability of products that are prescribed to you. We ask for your understanding and support. 

What to bring: ( in your heart and in your mind )

  • The sense of love and respect to yourself
  • The intense desire to feel better and happier again
  • The absolute clear intention to regain your optimal health
  • The determination to fight your ego driven negativity
  • The lust for life, the thirst for knowledge
  • The trust in us
  • The picture of the new you — see it, it is already there, and we will help you get in contact with it.

What to bring: ( in your bag )

We’ve also attached a $25 voucher for you to redeem for our Hyperbaric Oxygen TherapyOur Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber is one of the most advanced hyperbaric oxygen medical treatment units in Australia, and in the world.

For more informations about the wide range of conditions Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy can treat, please visit our website at: 


We can’t wait to see you here in our office and share with you the very powerful experience of getting well, staying well, living well, age healthily, happily and wisely.

Yours in light, love and understanding,

Brisbane Quantum Healing Center
Vivian Tong

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