Glen Gillard

@ Brisbane Quantum Healing Center

Qualified Naturopath, Herbalist and Magnetic Therapist with over 40 years clinical experience.

  • My Experiences:


  • My Specialties:

    – Balancing Hormones
    – Deep Oscillation Therapy
    – Detox
    – Energetic Medicine Testing
    – Iridology
    – Magentic Therapy
    – Nutritional Consultation
    – Pain Management
    – Specialising in Chronic & Inflammatory Skin Conditions
    – Sports Injury
    – Stress Counselling
    – Weight Loss Programmes

Who is Glen Gillard

Glen Gillard is Natural Remedies Group’s Managing Director and experienced practitioner in Quantum Healing Centre. Glen has been in the health industry for nearly four decades. He has studied and worked with many fore fathers in natural medicine and has acquired many modalities over the years including Naturopathy, Iridology, Hypnotherapy and Kinesiology. As well as his in depth clinical knowledge, Glen has been formulating and supplying nutritional and naturopathic formulations to various companies for over 20 years. And he has been practicing as Naturopath, Herbalist and Homeopath for 50 years.

He has owned the retail brand of products under the WonderFoods label for nearly as long as he has been a Naturopath and still to this day, WonderFoods has the best milk alternative and Tangy Vitamin C powder on the market.

His passion for health and helping people and also being of a business mind, has seen him own health food stores in Sydney and Brisbane and wholesale distribution companies in Melbourne and Queensland. All the while also practicing in Quantum Healing Centre and seeing patients wherever and whenever he is able.

Continuing to educate himself with seminars and being an avid reader, (Glen has a library of health books that spans a 3 meter wall) there is not a symptom or a disease that he would not be educated or have advice on. It is his clinical experience and thirst to help people, that ultimately created Natural Remedies Group Australia. Glen’s practice evolved from a small, two room laboratory underneath a house in 1999. Glen was experimenting with functional foods and herbal extracts, trying to create the right mixes for his chronic fatigue patients at the time. He was very busy running his Wholesale Health Distribution company. His wife and son ran their Health and Organic food store and the shop also had a clinic in which Glen liked to practise one day a week. His consulting was, and still is today, his real passion and it was from the time spent with his patients that Glen saw the real need for Functional Foods and Glycetracts and he created the brands, BioActiv and Sunray. Glen’s two Practitioner Only brands, that essentially were the kick start to NRG.

Over a decade has passed, we have grown exponentially, not only produces its own health and vitamin ranges, but manufactures the worlds most potent Homoeopathics and most recently added natural cosmeceuticals to its line up. NRG also offers a contract manufacturing facility, as well as distribution and fulfilment services.

There is so much that Glen can offer new and existing clients from research and development, current formulations under any label, graphic design services for the products, storage, warehousing and shipping nationally, or on a global scale.

Quantum Healing Centre is all about creating, innovating and cultivating, as we strive to bring our customers the best natural medicines in the world with the latest advancements in health and nutrition at a cost effective price.

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