Lee Weide

@ Brisbane Quantum Healing Center

Qigong Tibetan massage for internal organ function enhancement, eliminating pain, rejuvenating muscle strength and enhance performance.

  • My Specialties

    Acute, Chronic Pain, Back Pain, Disk Degeneration, Knee or Hip Pain, General body mis-alignment, Injury, Strains, Sprains, Broken bones, Bruising, and injury where the skin is intact. help instantly eliminate your pain, teach you Qigong for on going self-healing.

  • Natural Therapies & Modalities I Use:

    Qigong Tibetan Massage Therapy, Remedial Massage

  • My Qualifications:

Lee is a Qigong Master

Lee is a Qigong Master from Taiwan. Migrating to Australia in 1999, Lee brought with him the world of wisdom and principle of Tao — the Way of Life.

eaabaf5955c42cbfa49a4118d33f6679Lee has been a dedicated follower of the sacred Tibetan Buddhism for the last 27 years.  He practices Qigong, sacred Tibetan meditation and studies Tibetan classic literature on spirituality many hours a day.

Lee lost his beloved father to illness in 1978. His intense suffering made him realize the vulnerability of life and invoked the question about his own life purpose. He learnt from his father’s life that wealth and fame do not have any value if you don’t have health and wellbeing to enjoy and appreciate them.

Lee sees that the earth is just one of the many billion planets in the universe and there are many universes in the Galaxy. In the concept of time and space, life existence is in the moment of “Now “. Man is smaller than a particle of dust in the scheme of things, hence he learns to be a humble being who lives fully in the moment.

Lee says, “When we receive good things in life, we should not take it for granted, we should give thanks to our creator and the people who have helped us in our life. When we lose things in life, we should still our mind and ask ourselves whether we did really appreciate what we have had before we lost it. If we did, then we don’t need to regret the loss. We learn and we grow from our experience. There is never a bad experience; there is only experience of different kind.”

Lee believes that only internal strength can strengthen external resistance to disease. Peace of mind is the foundation of emotional wellbeing. The balance of body, mind and heart is the only way of healthy living.

Lee’s basic principle of life:

Everyone is equal.

Kindness, love, compassion, joy, unconditional giving is the best nutrition for the soul of man, the spiritual and physical wellbeing of humanity.

Lee is available for appointment on Monday. If you suffer from any acute or chronic pain, back pain, disk degeneration, knee or hip pain, or just general body mis-alignment, then Lee is here to help you. Not only he will help instantly eliminate your pain, he will teach you Qigong for on going self – healing.

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