Tina Humphries

@ Brisbane Quantum Healing Center

Tina Humphries is a very experienced Beauty Therapist, Kinesiologist and Energy Healer who offers Beauty & Body Treatments including Facials,Waxing,Tinting, Kinesiology, Reiki, Reflexology, R.E.S.E.T. & ACCESS BARS™

Who is Tina Humphries

Tina Humphries has been the director and owner of Beyond Rejuvenation for many years. Change has came, Tina is moving and combining her natural beauty and natural therapies expertise with Quantum Healing Centre.

Tina is holding a wellness space of nurturing that goes beyond massage and beauty treatments. She believes in helping people smile from the inside out, using natural products along with natural therapies to create your desired change in your body and mind.

Everyone’s body is different and everyone is unique. What does your body require? Or is it your mind that requires care and attention?


“Clear out your mind and create your life”

Have you ever had the sensation of total caring and nurturing for you and your body?

Where the chatter in your mind slows, and you can be you (minus the hustle and bustle)?

At Quantum Healing Centre we have a phenomenal BARS Practitioners who works magic with their hands. In an hour and a half session having your head lightly touched, at worst you’ll feel as though you had the most relaxing massage you could imagine. Having your BARS run can help you to reduce stress and create ease in your body.

Are you ready to be cared for, nurtured and relaxed? Book in today for a 1.5hour session and transform your stress into joy.

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