Oxidant Protection 60 tablets


Clinical Benefits
Antioxidant for cellular protection against free radicals:3 Oxidant Protection contains a combination of antioxidants that may assist in maintaining healthy DNA by quenching free radicals.4,5 Oxidative damage of main cellular components such as DNA has been implemented in the ageing phenomena.6 In vitro studies have shown resveratrol to assist in providing protection against oxidative cellular damage by reducing the level of intracellular reactive oxygen species (ROS).7 Vitamin C has also been shown to efficiently scavenge ROS such as superoxide and hydroxyl peroxyl.3 Selenium is an integral part of the thioredoxin reductase and glutathione peroxidases that are also involved in controlling free radical molecules.8
Supports a healthy cardiovascular system: Grape seed extract contains phenolic compounds including oligomeric proanthocyanadins (OPCs) that provide antioxidant and cardio protective effects.2

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