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High-quality source of pure vegan Zinc Picolinate 60 Capsules – Biogenic Nutrition

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If there was a super mineral, then zinc would be a contender. Zinc is an essential micronutrient that is crucial to more than 200 enzymatic reactions and plays a key role in growth, immune function, testosterone metabolism, and numerous other functions in your body.*

Clinical studies demonstrate zinc supplementation can increase general wellness, and that it has a beneficial impact on connective tissue, as well as reproductive and eye health.*

If the body has trouble absorbing a nutrient, then it can’t obtain the nutrient’s benefits. Biogenic Nutrition offers two highly absorbable forms of zinc:  Zinc Picolinate and Zinc Bisglycinate.  Zinc Picolinate is zinc that is bound to the organic acid picolinic acid, which is naturally made in the body from the amino acid L-Tryptophan. Zinc Bisglycinate is zinc that is bound to two molecules of the amino acid glycine – creating a true amino acid chelate.

Benefits of Biogenic Nutrition’s Zinc supplement suite:

  • Zinc is necessary for the development and function of the cells related to our immune response*
  • Essential for activation of a certain group of white blood cells – called T-lymphocytes (T-cells) – that moderate the body’s inflammatory response during times of immune stress*
  • Studies have found that the antioxidant-promoting properties of zinc help mitigate oxidative stress – a process that damages cells and tissues and can lead to several chronic health conditions*
  • Promotes healthy skin and eyes*
  • Needed to support the body’s normal production of testosterone, a hormone essential for promoting lean muscle mass*


  • A highly bioavailable form of zinc that is well tolerated and metabolised by the body
  • Free from gluten, corn, lactose, egg, sulfites, soy and maltodextrin
  • Vegan friendly

Dosage & warnings

For extemporaneous use only
Common dosage range: 60 mg – 250 mg (12.5 mg – 50 mg elemental zinc) daily

High doses can cause nausea which is more common on an empty stomach
Zinc Picolinate has not been extensively tested for its effects during pregnancy


Zinc Picolinate 125mg
Elemental Zinc 25mg